Experimenting with different things, has given me an "Eagle View" to life, which is getting wider, as I move on.


Welcome  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I tend to experiment with different things, and this website is a product of it. Though built accidentally, this has been an incredible platform for me to share my experience, feelings and expertise; considering the present world scenario, where everything is digitized.

I heartily welcome you to my online space and here's a brief of what you will find:

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Fun Reads: consists of my articles on various light-hearted issues, most of which were written out of boredom. Again, the writings here present my thought and experience that I found worth sharing. I like to mention that all the ideas delineated under this page are my perceptions on different matters, which may not be in agreement with yours. Please feel free to express your opinions too, and let's brainstorm a little together.

Let's get technical: I am a Civil Engineer with specialization in Geotechnical Engineering. So, most of the blog post under this page will be related to either of these disciplines. Civil Engineering covers a broad spectrum of studies and so does my interests. So, do not get surprised if you come across articles with themes on Disaster Management, Rural Development, Environmental Assessments, Climate Change and such.

E-portfolio: I am brain-washed easily, and one online course did an excellent job of influencing me to create this page. It showed me the importance of putting your credential online in front of the world. In the present competitive world, most of the organizations in the world undergoes a rigorous assessment of applicants profile. “In addition to a resume or college transcript, more than 4 in 5 employers say an electronic portfolio would be useful to them in ensuring that job applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company or organization.”


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