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Under the provision of Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) Act, 2055 and the NEC Regulation 2057(2000), professional code of conduct has been published, stating on 8 major points:

    1.Discipline and honesty: profession to be conducted in a disciplined manner

   2.Politeness and Confidentiality: dealing customers politely and maintaining their             confidentiality unless provoked by the concerned authority as per the existing law

    3.Non-discrimination: no discrimination against customer on grounds of religion, race,             sex, caste or any other things

  4.Professional work: provide suggestion and recommendation in their field of             knowledge or skill

   5.Deeds which may cause harm to the engineering profession: one shall not obtain             improper financial gain of any kind or conduct improper activities of any kind

   6.Personal responsibility: hold accountability for one’s work

   7.State name, designation and registration no.: in relevant documents prepared, state            clearly name, designation and NEC registration no.

   8.No publicity or advertisement must be made which may cause unnecessary effect:           no publicity or advertisement shall be made so as to cause unnecessary effect upon           the customers.

The code of ethics prepared by NEC focuses mainly on engineer relationship with customers only. It fails to mention engineer-engineer relationship.

For example following points could be included:

·Engineers shall give credit for engineering work to those to whom credit is due, and will recognize the proprietary interests of others. Engineers shall, whenever possible, name the person or persons who may be individually responsible for designs, inventions writings, or other accomplishments.

·Engineers shall continue their professional development throughout their careers. For this, they may participate in continuing education courses, reading technical literature and attending professional meetings and seminars. Engineers shall also provide opportunities for the professional and ethical development of those engineers under their supervision.

·Engineers’ designs, data, records and notes referring exclusively to an employer’s work are the employer’s property.  Before using those data, besides its original purpose, engineer must seek permission of employer, provided if it puts employer to disadvantage.

Engineers must take into account environmental impact and sustainable development while performing their work.

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