Avishek Shrestha

Civil Engineer: Current: Pursuing Masters in Geotechnical Engineering


I am a civil engineer with 3 years of working experience and currently (from Aug 2017), I am pursing my Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering from Kastesart University,Bangkok, Thailand.

First, I worked as research assistant on a project funded by NORAD entiltled,”Standardization and Development of Civil Design Framework for Micro/Mini/Small Hydropower Projects: Assessing Existing Design Procedures and Considering Impact of Climate Change” for 8 months. After that, I have designed, estimated and maintained rural roads, under Rural Access Program3 (RAP3).

I am skilled at preparing design drawings, conducting trainings and preparing reports of various kind.

Some instances of my professional experience:

This is a presentation that I delivered on design modules to DTO staff of Dadeldhura, in 2016.

The presentation is a form of training to District Technical Office staffs of Dadeldhura. The training is based on design modules under LRN Training of RAP3. The training helped building capacity of DTO staffs and sharing knowledge between the participants. The training was effective and welcomed. I am delighted with the results of the training.

Here is a picture of a photo, that I supervised for construction of drywall in Bajura, in 2015.

The inspection is done for quality assurance constructed by locally formed road building group. It is necessary that proper bonding of stones, backfilling and slope is maintained for the longevity of the structure. The road is now widened to full width. Strengthening structures is a key role of civil engineers and I am excited about it.

Education Background

1. Master's degree in Geotechnical Engineering
    Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand (Aug. 2017 - Current)

2. Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering

    Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal (Sept. 2009 - Nov.2013)


3. Associate’s degree in Science

    SOS Hermann Gmiener, Bhaktapur, Nepal (July 2007 - Aug.2009)


4. School Leaving Certificate

    Little Angels School, Lalitpur, Nepal (April. 2007)

Work Experience

1. Geotechnical Research and Development Center (GERD)

    a) Part time researcher

2. Rural Access Program 3 (RAP3)

    a) Graduate Engineer

     Bajura, Nepal (21 May 2015 - 30 Sept. 2015)

     Dadeldhura, Nepal (1 Oct. 2015 - Oct 2016)

     Biratnagar, Nepal (Nov 2016 - May 2017)

    b) Intern Engineer

     Achham,Nepal (20 Nov.2014- 2 Feb 2015)

     Bajura,Nepal (3 Feb 2014 - 20 May 2015)

  Roles and Responsibilities:

    Completed LRN Training (Distinction)

  •       Planning, Survey and design, Procurement and Implementation

    Currently assisting district team leader and monitoring  supervision consultant at base district

  •     Identifying engineering problems and proposing solutions
  •     Surveyed Mugu-Humla road corridor (25.5 km / 68 km)
  •     Managing Contractual Issues 
  •     Procurement of works, services and goods
  •     Controlling budget, task and resources   
  •     Training to District Technical Office (DTO) Staffs
  •     Contributing to sustainable development through engineering activities
  •    Preparing various reports (Field Reports, Performance Monitoring and Verification (PMV) Reports, Bidding Documents, etc.)
3. World Wide Fund (WWF)
   (Kanchanpur, Bardiya, Kailali, Banke)Nepal (1-20 August.2014)
  •  Collected Bio-gas baseline data survey
4. Kathmandu University
    Research Assistant    

        Dhulikhel, Nepal.(1 Oct. 2013 – 31 May. 2014)

Project Name: “Standardization and Development of Civil Design Framework for Micro/Mini/Small Hydropower Projects: Assessing Existing Design Procedures and Considering Impact of Climate Change” funded by NORAD, SINTEF, Norway

-Involved in design and standardization of civil components of micro/mini/small hydropower projects

-Documented reports and prepared flex for dissemination of information.

-Visited to three micro-hydropower and analyzed data collected from it.